Satellite: Africa-India HIV Learning Exchange

Full Title: Africa-India HIV Learning Exchange: Approaches to Achieving Scale

Date, Time and Location

Wednesday, July 25
6:30 – 8:30 p.m.
Mini Room 10

About This Session

The scale up of India’s response to HIV and successes illustrated by programs such as the BMGF-Avahan India AIDS Initiative offer several learnings that could be replicated in Africa to strengthen HIV prevention. While lessons are drawn from projects with MARPs, they also have applicability in the general population. In turn, Africa has a rich and varied experience of scaling up care and treatment for HIV and has much to share in the way of accenting HIV services in India.

This mini satellite session will bring together HIV/AIDS professionals, development sector workers, representatives of agencies, and other participants at AIDS 2012 to facilitate dialogue around solutions that could have mutual benefit for two countries at the heart of the HIV/AIDS struggle. The short-term goal is that this exchange of information would foster greater understanding among stakeholders of the challenges and opportunities in India and Africa, and lay the groundwork for a stronger HIV response. Looking ahead, it is hoped that this session will be the starting point for the establishment of information exchange networks that will facilitate continued dialogue and sharing of information long-term.


  • Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
  • FHI 360
  • University of Manitoba

Session Outline

Welcome and Introduction of the chairs

  • Speaker: Ms. Rebecca Dirks, Senior Technical Officer, Global Health Population and Nutrition, FHI 360

Introductory remarks by the Chairs

  • Speaker: Ms. Shanti Conly, Team Leader, HIV Prevention; USAID Office of HIV/AIDS, Washington
  • Speaker: Dr.David Allen, Senior Program Officer, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
  • Speaker: Dr. Timothy Mastro, Group Director of Global Health, Population and Nutrition, FHI 360

Setting the context

“An overview of approaches to scaling HIV prevention in India. What is useful for other sites?”

  • Speaker: Dr. Gina Dallabetta, Senior Program Officer, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

“Responding to the HIV epidemic in Africa: how important is focused HIV prevention programming among most-at-risk populations?”

  • Speaker: Dr. Stephen Moses, India-Country Director, HIV/AIDS Programs, University of Manitoba

Experiences of integrating lessons from India

  • Speaker: Prof John Idoko, Director General, National Agency for the control of AIDS, Nigeria
  • Speaker: Dr. Richard Amenyah, Director of Technical Services, Ghana AIDS Commission
  • Speaker: Dr. Yogan Pillay, Deputy Director General, National Department of Health, South Africa
  • Speaker: Dr. Joshua Kimani, Lecturer-UNITID and Clinical Director, Kenya AIDS Control Project

India Learning Network, Objectives and Plans

  • Speaker: Dr. Sanjeevsingh Gaikwad, Project Director, India Learning Network, FHI 360

Interactive session with moderated discussion, questions and suggestions

Wrap up and closing remarks by chairs

Vote of Thanks and Next steps

  • Speaker: Dr. Samita Bhardwaj, Senior Technical Officer-STI, FHI 360 India

Networking and follow up