A Promise Renewed: UNICEF Releases New Data

In 2000, the global community made a promise to children — to reduce by two thirds the risk that a child will not live to see his or her fifth birthday. The deadline for this promise is 2015.

A new UNICEF report shows that, despite impressive progress, we are way behind schedule. The global effort to keep this promise needs a kick in the pants. This is the reason for “A Promise Renewed,” a global movement to end preventable child deaths.

The Good News: The world is making progress, having saved nearly 90 million lives over the past two decades. That’s more than the entire population of Germany.

The Bad News: The progress isn’t fast enough. Right now, we are 13 years behind schedule. That means we won’t meet MDG 4 until 2028. And 35 million more children will die – children whose lives could have been saved had we kept our promise in 2015.

Explore the new interactive report to learn more: http://progressreport.apromiserenewed.org/.