#MDG456Live Daily Delivery | September 22-28, 2013 | Curated coverage of women and children and the post-2015 agenda.

Infographic: Leaders Advocating for Every Woman Every Child

“When women and children die needlessly from disease, or complications which can be prevented, it is a tragedy. It is a tragedy of the world because these deaths are easily preventable.” – U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon

Global Citizen Festival Calls for Women’s Equality

By Janna Oberdorf, Women Deliver

On Saturday, September 28th, more than 60,000 people will come together at a musical festival on the Great Lawn in Central Park, New York City, to focus on one goal – to eradicate extreme poverty by 2030… Read the full post >>

Women have come a long way but still have far to go, says report

World Bank study reveals that while progress has been made, some countries still limiting women’s economic potential… Read the full post >>

Girls’ Globe in New York City – Wednesday UNGA Week

Girls’ Globe spent Wednesday with Johnson & Johnson, Save the Children, #TooYoungToWed and the mHealth Alliance…Read the crowdblog

Scaling Up Efforts for Maternal and Newborn Health

A success in prevention and care in the post-2015 agenda means reaching the most vulnerable, utilizing and replicating successful interventions, creating innovative solutions and collaborating through multi-sectorial partnerships. In order to truly understand if we are being successful with improving maternal and newborn health, we need to capture the data that shows who the most vulnerable populations are and address the challenges for them… Read the full post >>

The Funding is Commendable: But What About Coordination? Working Together to Save Children’s Lives

By Yehuda Benguigui

Efforts to end these preventable child deaths will only be successful when integrated packages of interventions are available to the population most at risk.Read the full post

Muhammad Yunus: Energized to get to the MDG finish-line

As we approach the finish-line for the 2015 deadline for the MDGs, Muhammad Yunus explains that the most critical piece to success will be the inclusion of the civil society and the empowerment of those who are at stake.

Her Royal Highness Princess Sarah Zeid of Jordan

HRH Princess Sarah of Jordan shares why she, as a mother, is so emotionally invested in maternal & newborn health. Princess Sarah says during pregnancy an emotional bond is created between a mother and her child and, if that bond is broken by a newborn’s death, the pain and suffering never goes away.

Tackling Inequality is Only Way to End Extreme Poverty in a Generation

As world leaders gather at the UN to discuss poverty eradication, Save the Children’s Getting to Zero report shows that in just 17 years it is possible to eradicate critical elements of extreme poverty, saving at least 1.8 million children’s lives every year… Read the full post >>

Amanda Peet invites you to get a shot, save a life

Amanda Peet, Actor and Every Child by Two Vaccine Ambassador to Shot@Life urges you to get your flu shot at Walgreens and help a child in need.