Can Businesses Address Structural Inequalities in Global Health?

By Sonya Soni, GBCHealth Social Media Corps

Saraswati Soni, my great-grandmother who was shunned by her Indian community in the 1930s due to her widowed status, transformed personal adversity into social change by establishing Dehra Dun’s first NGO devoted to the delivery of health and education to orphaned girls in the foothills of the Himalayas…

Another Year Wiser: Bringing New Perspectives to the GBCHealth Annual Conference

By Meghan Johnson, GBCHealth Social Media Corps

I was thrilled to learn that I had been invited back to this year’s GBC Health Conference. The previous year’s event is still fresh in my memory – I formed both professional and personal relationships, gained knowledge, spurred new ideas…

Opening Plenary: The MDGs, The Looming 2015 Deadline and The Pivotal Role of The Private Sector

Crowdblog, by FHI 360 & opening session attendees

The ambitious vision of the MDGs has guided much of the best and most innovative work of GBCHealth Member companies and the global organizations. But the completion date of Dec 31, 2015 is fast approaching.

In partnership with the MDG Health Alliance, new initiatives accelerate progress through the explicit engagement of the private sector. A special appearance by the Sleepy Man Banjo Boys started the session on the right note.

GBCHealth 2013: Retweet, Please. But Do More.

By Maithri Vangala, GBCHealth Social Media Corps

Located just 45 minutes outside of San Salvador, the rural community of Las Delicias is tucked away in a lush and green valley. It is the perfect sample of the unadulterated beauty of El Salvador…

Can a Cell Phone Save a Mom’s Life?

By Randi Zuckerberg

For moms especially, a smartphone is an invaluable tool. What would moms do without endless information just a tap away — especially when wondering about the health of their children?

GBCHealth’s Annual Conference kicks-off with screening of “How to Survive a Plague”

Crowdblog by FHI 360 & opening reception attendees

Attendees of GBCHealth’s Annual Conference gathered at the opening reception to celebrate two days of rich conversation on the essential role of business in global health. Comments were shared by GBCHealth’s Gary Cohen and MTV’s Bill Roedy in addition to a special screening of and panel discussion on the film, “How to Survive a Plague”. The evening was sponsored by Merck.

The power of public–private partnerships in tackling global health challenges

By Camille Saadé

This week, GBCHealth will bring together some of the most prominent private-sector leaders in the world to discuss strategies for tackling pressing global health challenges. This year’s GBCHealth conference will focus on how business can better align its work with the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)…

Meet the GBCHealth Social Media Corps

GBCHealth’s Social Media Corp will be capturing the key conversations during this year’s Annual Conference in New York. Using a mix of social media tools, the Corps members will be on-site to engage in key conversations around business engagement in global health.

Live streaming of #GBCH13

GBCHealth announced they will be live-streaming select sessions at this year’s Annual Conference. Watch leaders discuss “a call to action” around the MDGs, the role of business in the new era of the Global Fund, and a new innovative funding partnerships to increase the value delivered by donor aid.

Getting ready for GBCHealth’s Annual Conference

Once a year GBCHealth convenes business and allied leaders to inspire deepened business engagement on the world’s pressing health challenges. This year’s Conference will be our most important and exciting yet, with a sharp focus on how business can better align its work with achievement of the Millennium Development Goals.