#ICFPLive Daily Delivery | November 12-15, 2013

Video: The Importance of Involving Youth in Family Planning – Isaiah Olowabi

The Challenge Ahead: Initiating a Demographic Dividend

Today’s large youth populations hold great potential to catalyze social and economic development and reduce inequality and poverty, but only when governments make the right investments to transform this opportunity into reality… Read the full post

#FP2020Progress Tweetchat

FP2020 partners held a tweetchat on Wednesday night to highlight progress using #FP2020Progress. This crowdblog curates some of the questions and answers discussed during the chat. Read the full crowdblog

Family Planning and HIV: New Evidence That Integration Works

By Ward Cates and Rose Wilcher, FHI 360

At this week’s International Conference on Family Planning (ICFP), we are examining the latest evidence on integrating family planning and HIV service delivery. It shows that stronger linkages between family planning and HIV programs are critical to helping us realize ambitious goals for global health…Read the full post

Photo: Jill Sheffield wants #FullAccess!

FP2020 Releases First Progress Report

FP2020’s first progress report, Partnership in Action details successes and progress made since the 2012 London Summit on Family Planning, highlighting commitments, accountability, innovation, collaboration and ways to measure FP2020 progress moving forward. View the full report

Video: Ethiopian model Liya Kebede discusses maternal health and MCHIP

Infographic: The Economics of Birth Control

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Photo of the day

Expanding the Contraceptive Armamentarium

Armamentarium. It’s a big word. An armamentarium refers to the full range of resources that are available to tackle a problem. Today, we have an unequivocal need to expand the contraceptive armamentarium for women around the world…Read the full post >>