Conversations from Rio+20

The Significance of Rio+20  |  Civil Society: Always part of the answer  |  Land, Air, & Water: The basic elements for sustaining life

The world has gathered in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to discuss a renewed path to a sustainable future. We have tapped into the online conversations and curated crowdblogs that capture the latest information coming from this monumental meeting. Check back for daily posts.

Crowdblog | June 22, 2012

Land, Air, & Water: The basic elements for sustaining life

Whether a member of government, the private sector, academia, religious institutions or civil society, collectively we must recognize our role as environmental stewards of the earth’s resources to ensure healthy and productive opportunities for future generations. Full Post>>

Video Interview | June 22, 2012

Making negotiation policies a reality for developing world

Jason Czyz of FHI 360 discusses the importance of local involvement in sustainable development and highlights key issues raised during Rio+20. View video>>



Crowdblog | June 21, 2012

Civil Society: Always part of the answer

Stronger civil society means more power for the weak, more links between people, more checks on authority, and more people solving their own problems themselves. No matter what the development problem, sustainable or not, stronger civil society is always part of the answer. Full Post>>



Crowdblog | June 20, 2012

The Significance of Rio+20


Aside from the official outcome documents, the benefits of this U.N. mega meeting will include a greater awareness of the immediate needs our planet is facing, a redefinition of sustainable development, and a renewal of our personal accountability to contributing to a sustainable future.  Full Post>>

Blog | June 18, 2012

The Domino Effect of Family Planning

By Megan Averill, Tricia Petruney, and Ward Cates, FHI 360


Imagine a line of dominos stretched out as far as the eye can see, with additional lines branching off into the distance. This web of dominos represents the multiple connections between family planning and every dimension of sustainable development. What many still don’t comprehend is how large and far reaching this web truly is.

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