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“Environmentalprotection is one of the three underlying pillars of sustainabledevelopment.

Continuing to think in “threes’, environmentalprotection is essential to preserving or maintaining the quality of life forsocieties worldwide.  It provides sustenance and livelihoods byproviding all humans with the three basic elements to sustain life: 1) access to arable, fertile and productive land; 2) clean air; and 3) clean,potable water.  

Whether a member of government, the private sector,academia, religious institutions or civil society, collectively we mustrecognize our role as environmental stewards of the earth’s resources to ensurehealthy and productive opportunities for future generations.”

Ok, let’s be philanthropist. Humans need clean air, water, soil and sound eco-systems. What is controversial? Why can’t we have that?#Rio+20Sofia Ståhle

We must increase access to arable, fertile and productive land.

Using local agricultural biodiversity in Kenyabioversityvideo
1800+ reps of indigenous peoples’ orgs voiced outrage against commercialization of nature and called for protection of their land in Rio+20.Dorothy Guerrero
Tuvalu: Sea Level Rise in the Pacific, Loss of Land and Cultureunitednations
Fish landing in Ne-gombo lagoon, Sri LankaIUCNweb
Rio+20 finally recognition for the heavily underestimated importance of Soil : van den Bos
“@StMarysInExile: #futurewewant has got to include the whole #environment.not just us. #Earthsummit #RIO #rioplus20”Original Sinsuality

We must collectively work to improve the quality of our air.

Rio Climate Summit: Top 10 Priorities for a Planet in Peril – TIMEIt’s a silent, invisible killer, but it takes a major toll. According to the World Health Organization, more than 1.3 million people die …
Rio 20 years later: Pollution up, forests down – Austin American-Statesman #atmosphericFaz Fzingo
The Smoking Gun

We must ensure that there is access to clean,potable water.

Diarrhoeal disease is one of the biggest killers of children – why @UN_Rioplus20 needs to focus on water Javaid
The human right to safe drinking water and sanitation. #Rio+20 #ONU Panama
#Rio+20 sustainable plans to water the world. What plans do governments and conglomerates have to tackle water issues?. Ferrando
Water – it’s irreplaceable: At the Rio Dialogues, civil society and business showed through their online votes a… Matheson
@UN Rio+20 Project "flooding Never Again", capturing surplus water without the use of energy to dry IN USE! low Cost de f fornazari