First Lady seeks condom availability to youths

This piece originally appeared on Zambia Daily Mail here.


FIRST Lady Christine Kaseba has called on relevant authorities to make condoms and contraceptives available to adolescents and young people.

Dr Kaseba said adolescents and young people should have access to condoms and contraceptives.
She explained that her call to have condoms and contraceptives made available to young people and adolescents is not aimed at promoting promiscuity among young people.

Speaking in an interview yesterday, Dr Kaseba said there was no need to turn a blind eye to the fact that young people are sexually active, hence the need to avail them sexual reproductive rights.

Dr Kaseba said HIV and sexual reproductive health are inter-linked and HIV should be re-integrated into sexual reproductive health if countries are to achieve zero HIV infections.

She said there is need to look at the root cause of HIV, hence the need to look at it through sexual reproductive health and that although there has been a global decline in HIV infection, there is need to re-strategise.

She said introducing sexuality education in schools will help the youths to make informed decisions.
Dr Kaseba also said parents of children who are born HIV-positive should tell their children the truth about their status.

She also noted that some people who are engaged in prostitution continue doing so even when they are economically empowered.

Dr Kaseba is attending the 17th International Conference on AIDS and STIs in Africa (ICASA).