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8.11.11 | FHI 360

Awareness of HIV Vaccine Research

A. Cornelius Baker, Bonny Bloodgood, Elyse Levine, Willis Shawver, and Carol Schechter presented their poster titled, “Engaging Health Care Providers in HIV Vaccine Research.”

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8.10.11 | Allison Bosniak | FHI 360

Viral Content

What makes an online article worth sharing? Prof. Jonah Berger from the Wharton School at UPenn has done exhaustive research on the subject, looking at the qualities of the “most emailed” articles shared on the New York Times website over a given period of time. He found that articles evoking anger were shared more than articles that evoked happiness or sadness.

He also disagreed with a common online marketing theory of reaching the “influencers” and getting them to carry your message. A good joke is a good joke, independent of who’s telling it, and will thus be retold.

For more insight into what makes content contagious, Berger’s paper can be found at


8.9.11 | Allison Bosniak | FHI 360

Session Recap: REALLY using Social Media for Health Campaigns


Social media has moved from an ‘optional’ method of communicating public health messages to ‘essential’ one – one the Louisiana Office of Public Health has taken on with the help of an offline mascot: Sammy the Stork ( Of first glance, you might think Sammy is a cousin to the Nationals baseball team mascot, Screech, but instead of glad-handing fans, Sammy is delivering essential information to parents and parents-to-be about pre-conception and pre-natal health issues in hopes of decreasing the number of pre-term births in Louisiana. (Sammy also talks about infant care issues and other child safety and nutrition topics.)

His adventures are now documented by a film crew who post the videos of his interactions online. His website has become a great resource for the community and the investment of moving Sammy online has meant an increase in the number of people who learn about these pre-natal topics. He now can reach people virtually, instead of just at the mall or in the parking lot of a restaurant. Check him out.


8.8.11 | FHI 360

Ready. Set. Change Something!

Are you ready for the CDC Health Communications, Marketing and Media conference tomorrow? We are, and we’re excited to bring you live blog and Twitter coverage from the whole event!

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8.8.11 | FHI 360

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8.8.11 | FHI 360

What is the CDC HCMM?

CDC HCMM stands for the Centers for Disease Control’s National Conference on Health Communication, Marketing, and Media. This gathering brings together academia, public health researchers and practitioners from all levels of government and private sectors, and provides a forum for cross-disciplinary dialogue. Come meet with colleagues and shape the practice of health communication, marketing, and media.

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