#MDG456Live Daily Delivery | September 22-28, 2013 | Curated coverage of women and children and the post-2015 agenda.

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Preview Delivery – Sept. 21

    • Feature: Staying connected during UN Week on Huffington Post
    • MDG overview by Melinda Gates on Impatient Optimist
    • Social Media Kit for UNGA engagement
    • Girls’ Globe bloggers introduction
    • Featured conversation: #EWECProgress
    • Importance of primary education – video
    • Women share a positive health message in Ethiopia
    • A Promise Renewed: UNICEF releases new data
    • Social Good Summit
    • The World We Want: An End to Child Marriage – Lancet report 


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Daily Delivery – Sept. 23

    • Feature: Girls’ Globe Bloggers: Live from UNGA in NYC
    • Strengthening Equity & Dignity Through Health by independent Expert Review Group (iERG)
    • Empower Women for Stronger Communities by Kathy Calvin, President and CEO, United Nations Foundation
    • Empower Youth to Change the World by Elena Sonnino on Impatient Optimists
    • VIDEO: Graca Machel – A member of The Elders – Founders of Girls Not Brides
    • VIDEO: Mayra Buvinic – Senior Fellow, United Nations Foundation
    • Keeping Promises to Women and Children: PMNCH 2013 Report on Global Strategy Commitments
    • Girls’ Globe Daily Live Coverage
    • Selling Coca-Cola and Saving Newborn Lives by Leith Greenslade
    • Post 2015 is Unfinished Business by Tewodros Melesse, Director General, International Planned Parenthood Federation
    • #Instacorps
    • Infographic of the Day
    • Quote of the Day


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 Daily Delivery – September 24

    • Feature: $2.5 billion mobilized in new commitments
    • #Innovations2015: Health Innovations to Save Women and Children by PATH
    • Sustainable Development Starts With Safe, Healthy And Well-Educated Children by Richard Morgan, Senior Advisor at UNICEF
    • The Millennium Development Goals: Momentum Toward 2015 & Beyond By FHI 360 and the MDG Community
    • #MalalaFund
    • VIDEO: Leith Greenslade – Co-Chair, Child Health, MDG Health Alliance
    • VIDEO: Dr. Tom Kenyon – Director of Global Health, Centers for Disease Control
    • Saving the Lives of 16 Million: 6 Photos That Will Make You Smile by UN Foundation
    • Girls’ Globe Daily Live Coverage
    • Step Up: #MDGMomentum
    • UNAIDS releases promising data on a reduction in HIV infections by UNAIDS
    • Gender integration: Making it a reality by Andrea Bertone, FHI 360
    • Infographic of the Day
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Daily Delivery – September 25

    • Feature: Private Sector Commits To Achieving MDG 4 & 5
    • Let’s Empower Youth for Sexual and Reproductive Rights by JIll Sheffield, President and Founder of Women Deliver
    • “Pregnancy in a Week” Launches During Social Good Summit by Johnson & Johnson and BabyCenter
    • Innovation Grantees Aim to Reach 4.5 Million with mHealth by mHealth Alliance
    • #CGI2013
    • VIDEO: Denise Dunning – Executive Director, Let Girls Lead
    • VIDEO: MDG Countdown: Girls and Women Transforming Societies – DFID and USAID
    • Advocacy Monitoring Through Social Data by Global Post
    • Girls’ Globe Daily Live Coverage
    • Lives on the Line by Save the Children
    • The Millennium Development Goals: What Do They Mean for Youth? by Interagency Youth Working Group
    • MDG 5: Maternal health matters in Murreh Kunda, The Gambia by Tostan
    • Advancing Progress: Investing in Healthy and Educated Girls and Women
    • Infographic of the Day
    • Photo of the Day


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 Daily Delivery – September 26

    • Feature: The Power of Girls Voice: Malala Yousafzai
    • U.N. Director: Social Media Can End Violence Against Women by Mashable
    • Unfinished Business: Partnering to Reach Every Woman Every Child by GBCHealth
    • Tackling Inequality is Only Way to End Extreme Poverty in a Generation by Save the Children
    • VIDEO: Her Royal Highness Princess Sarah Zeid of Jordan
    • VIDEO: Muhammad Yunus: Energized to get to the MDG finish-line
    • The Funding is Commendable: But What About Coordination? Working Together to Save Children’s Lives by Yehuda Benguigui
    • Girls’ Globe Daily Live Coverage
    • Put the Frontline Health Worker Into the Post-2015 Framework by Carolyn Miles – President and CEO, Save the Children
    • When Menstruation Means No Earning Or Learning by Saundra Pelletier – CEO, WomanCare Global
    • At Education Cannot Wait event, global leaders stress need to fund education – especially in emergencies by Pierette James
    • Women have come a long way but still have far to go, says report
    • Infographic of the Day
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 Daily Delivery – September 27

    • Feature: Global Citizen Festival Calls for Women’s Equality
    • Knowledge-sharing in mHealth is Critical to Providing Life-saving Solutions for Moms by MAMA
    • Outcome Document: Post-2015 process picks up with flexible goals for all by Devex
    • New Family Planning Technologies Expand Options for Women by Judy Manning & Zeda Rosenberg
    • #WCDChat
    • VIDEO: The Power of 1000 Days
    • VIDEO: Jill Sheffield
    • Giving Birth in the DRC – In Photographs by Panos photographer Sven Torfinn
    • Girls’ Globe Daily Live Coverage
    • Mentor Mother Stories by Mothers 2 Mothers
    • Can the Success of Empowering Women Be Measured with a Yardstick? Seven Questions for Helene Gayle by Joy Marini, Johnson & Johnson
    • Multi-level strategy to fight malaria launched by UN development arm and partners by United Nations
    • Efforts to Prevent HIV Must Focus on Gender Equity by Ward Cates & Nirupama Sista, FHI 360 on The Huffington Post
    • Post-2015 Development Framework: What’s In It For Young People? by Lindsay Menard-Freeman, Women Deliver, and Julie A. Cornell, Johnson & Johnson
    • Inforgraphic of the Day
    • Picture of the Day