New mHealth video invites audience to experience pregnancy in 1 week through text messages

By Johnson & Johnson and BabyCenter

“Can a phone save a life?”

This was the question asked at the 2013 Social Good Summit – we think it can. With less than 850 days to the end of the Millennium Development Goals, innovations such as mobile health can help accelerate progress where it is needed most: improve maternal and child health. With more phones than people by 2014, mobile phones are a near universal technology that can reach new and expectant mothers who were otherwise “unreachable.” In remote areas where hospitals are a several-hour journey away, mobile phones provide a simple way to reach pregnant women and new mothers with vital health information.

Curious on what messages can be sent to a pregnant mom? Unveiled at the Social Good Summit, Johnson & Johnson and BabyCenter invite you to an experiential journey through this video. We invite you to sign up for free text messages by texting “MOM” to 43074, where you will experience a set of sample text messages that will walk you through 9 months of pregnancy and 1st year of your baby’s life. On Wednesday, you will be 3 months pregnant, by Friday given birth, and by the end of the week your baby will be 1 years old! Enjoy the experience, and experience the power of empowering mothers around the work with mobile messages!

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