No Controversy: TEDxChange Global Community Project

One of the simplest, most transformative things we can do is give everybody access to contraceptives.” Melinda Gates.

More than 200 million people don’t have access to contraceptives. Everyone deserves the tools they need to improve their life and provide opportunities for their children. The power to decide if and when to have a child has far-reaching impact—for families, communities, and nations.

On April 5, Melinda Gates launched “No Controvery: TEDxChange Global Community Project ” during her live TEDxChange talk from Berlin. Global Coalition Partners, including FHI 360, are joining the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to highlight the importance of equal access to contraceptives.

How have contraceptives changed your life?

There are two ways you can share your story:

1) Visit the”No Controvery: TEDxChange Global Community Project by clicking on the image below. Share your story and read those of others.

2) Tweet your thoughts using the hashtag #nocontroversy and tag @FHI360 and @gatesfoundation.

Raise your voice for equal access. We all have a story. You can help by sharing yours.