#ICASA2013 Live | The Hub | December 7-11, 2013

Dorothy Ogutu: Sex workers must be a part of the conversation on HIV/AIDS

Mind the Gap: Engaging Young Men and Boys in Getting to Zero

Throughout the session rooms of this 17th ICASA, it’s clear that gender inequality is a key driver of HIV in Africa. Gender-based violence, harmful practices against girls (like child marriage and female genital cutting) and violence against women in key affected populations all increase risk for HIV infection.

Realizing the full potential of microbicides for women’s HIV prevention

Microbicides offer the potential of a woman-initiated method to reduce the risk of HIV. However, women will still face gender-related barriers to its use.

Kimberly Green: Breakthroughs in reaching key populations in Ghana

TerraViva: Independent Media Coverage of ICASA 2013

Independent media coverage of the 17th ICASA aims to provide quality coverage of the conference and issues related to HIV and AIDS in Africa. Read the latest newsletter >>

Can We Put Aside Our Differences to Achieve Universal Health Coverage?

Universal health coverage is within our reach. Simply stated, it means that each of the world’s 7 billion citizens would have access to basic health services. We’re not talking about an ideal scenario where every individual has cutting-edge health care and access to specialists and the latest technologies and procedures. Instead, we’re envisioning a world in which every person has someone to turn to for basic health concerns and illness. And that someone is a health worker. Read the full article >>

Namibia leads in HIV battle

Namibia is one of the leading countries in Africa and the world when it comes to fighting HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis (TB) and malaria. Read the full article >>

AIDS-Free Generation Still a Dream in Southern Africa

The dream of an AIDS-free generation will remain a slogan unless ways are found to reduce HIV infection among young people, especially among girls. Read the full article >>

Blend cancer, reproductive health in AIDS fight

First Lady Christine Kaseba has called for integration of sexual reproductive health issues and cancer into the fight against HIV and AIDS if the fight is to achieve the desired results. Read the full article >>

Nelson Mandela’s activism remembered at AIDS and STIs conference

IRIN News reports on the late South African President’s role in the HIV/AIDS community and how speakers at the conference are reflecting on his contribution. Read the full article >>