#ICASA2013 Live | The Hub | December 7-11, 2013

Fighting HIV/AIDS while strengthening the national health system: A winning combination in Zambia

A project in Zambia has successfully addressed HIV and AIDS while strengthening the national health system. The approach has created the conditions to more effectively address other public health priorities.

Gillian Dolce: Link Up is addressing youth vulnerability to HIV/AIDS

Samuel Kissi: ICASA Youth Front opens up the conference

African Ministers of Health and Education Commit to End Child Marriage by 2020

Ministers of Health and Education from 21 countries in the East and Southern African region have committed to end child marriage as part of a broader commitment to ensure comprehensive sexuality education for young people in the region by 2015…

How Football is Helping Raise Africa HIV and AIDS Awareness

Tackle Africa teaches young people how to avoid getting HIV, how to live with HIV if you have it, and how to support others to do the same. All the educational – and life-saving – messages are contained within fun football drills, so all the learning takes place while playing football.

Roadmap to ICASA 2013: Key Areas of Special Interest for People Living with HIV

The purpose of this Roadmap is to introduce key sessions and activities that could be of interest to communities of people living with HIV. These sessions and activities represent opportunities to highlight issues from our perspectives, and to reiterate the importance of involving people living with HIV in decisions and solutions. View the full report >>

Mandela’s Final Chapter: The Fight Against AIDS

Will African Men Line Up for Circumcision If There’s No Doctor?

An Ambitious Campaign in 15 High risk countries in sub-Saharan Africa to foster an AIDS-free generation by circumcising 20 million men and boys by 2016 may depend on a new small inexpensive device that does the job without surgery, pain or hypodermic needles… Read the full post >>

AIDS by the Numbers

Latest estimates from the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS(UNAIDS) show that the world continues to close in on the goal of ending the AIDS epidemic by stopping HIV transmission and halting AIDS-related deaths. Remarkable progress has been made over the last decade—yet significant challenges remain. View the full report here.

ICASA YouthFront: Leadership, Accountability and Participation to Get to Zero

By Sydney Hushie, Global Youth Coalition on HIV/AIDS (GYCA) – Leadership. Accountability. Participation. These are the three principles guiding the ICASA YouthFront at this 17th International Conference on AIDS and STIs in Africa. The goal of the YouthFront campaign is to draw attention to the gaps in programming for young people, call for accountability from leadership and young people alike, and strengthen participatory mechanisms for young people in the global HIV response.